I Think Manzanilla En Rama

D.O. Manzanilla – Sanlúcar de Barrameda
15% alc.

“I think” Manzanilla En Rama is, besides a humble homage to Charles Darwin as a symbol of the triumph of reason, a true and untamed manzanilla. Bottled after barely the slightest filtration process, it retains the intense golden color and pungent character it exhibits straight from the butts where it ages under flor for about four and a half years.

Not long ago we received the request to select a racy manzanilla that should be younger and less radical in profile than our different releases of the “La Bota de…” series—yet bottled preserving the original authenticity (color, intensity, and aromas) of the product as served straight from the butt. It came through Paul Shinnie from RHONE TO RIOJA, who decided to boost the project, in the conviction that it is about time to expand the availability of real manzanilla to a larger number of British wine lovers than the limited circle of connoisseurs who have access to our extremely scarce releases of La Bota de Manzanilla. We accepted the challenge with enthusiasm and the sincere hope that our little grain of sand will contribute to the wider knowledge (and hence appreciation) of traditional Andalusian wines—and especially the fascinating biological ageing styles—by wine lovers all over the world.

Since the first release of I Think, back in 2010, the following releases have seen the market:

Saca of October of 2010. Release for United Kingdom. 5160 bot. (375ml).
Saca of April of 2012. Release for United Kingdom, United States and Australia. 7776 bot. (375ml).
Saca of February of 2013. Release for United States and Australia. 9072 bot. (375ml).
Saca of April of 2014. Release for United States. 3888 bot. (375ml).
Saca of October of 2014. Release for United Kingdom. 2592 bot. (375ml).
Saca of July of 2015. Release for Australia. 2592 bot. (375ml).
Saca of October of 2015. Release for United Kingdom. 2592 bot. (375ml).
Saca of April of 2016. Release for United Kingdom. 2592 bot. (375ml).

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