La Bota 53 de Florpower “Más Allá”

White wine, vintage 2010 (MMX)
12% alc. – 750ml
Sanlúcar de Barrameda
Production: 3,000 bottles


f l o r p o w e r   beyond!
MMX: vintage 2010
100% palomino fino
100% albarizas in Sanlúcar
42 months under flor:
8 months in butts
24 months in tanks
10 months in barrels

For years now EQUIPO NAVAZOS has made a strong bid for the potential of wines aged under veil of flor, bottled at their natural abv levels (i.e. unfortified). This spurred the release of our original Navazos-Niepoort series–of which quite a few vintages have already hit the market–as well as a number of experiments based on palomino fino and pedro ximénez from the best vineyards in the Sherry and Montilla districts (and now even in other wine regions in the NW and the NE of Spain) further aged in butts and tanks.

Such was the wine we presented in 2013: La Bota de Florpower MMX, number 44 in the LA BOTA series. An unfortified white wine, exclusively from the 2010 vintage (a date that cannot be printed on the label due to bureaucratic impediments, hence our use of MMX on the capsule, cork, and lot number on the back label). It was made using exclusively 100% palomino fino grapes sourced from Sanlúcar vineyards in the Pago Miraflores and fermented in stainless steel tanks. After fermentation–towards December 2010–it was moved to 15 butts where it aged under flor for 8 months. By late July 2011 the wine was transferred to a single stainless steel tank where it remained under the–then milder and subtler–effects of flor until its bottling on July 23rd, 2013.

La Bota de Florpower MMX 53 “Más allá” (“Beyond”) is in its origin exactly the same wine, and indeed both wines shared their first three years of life together, until the first half of July 2013, when about 3,000 liters of wine were transferred to fifteen 225-liter barrels that had for years contained manzanilla  first, and most recently palo cortado. Some of these vessels developed a thin veil of yeast that not only prevented excessive oxidation but in some cases even conferred some additional flor character to the wine. Ten months later, the content of fourteen of these barrels has finally been bottled for your enjoyment. And for ours.

To paraphrase, just for the sake of good humor, the words of a friend who again has inspired us with the name of this unique wine: Beyond Florpower… and to infinity!

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