La Bota 29 de Brandy “Envejecido en botas de fino”

Saca of June 2011
D.O. Brandy de Jerez
41,7% alc.
Limited edition of 750 (50cl) bottles
Bodega: Rey Fernando de Castilla. Jerez de la Frontera


Equipo Navazos are proud (as well as incredibly fortunate) to collaborate with a most impressive selection of top-notch producers whose ruling principles are quality and authenticity above every other consideration. Among them is Bodegas Rey Fernando de Castilla, a Jerez-based house where Jan Pettersen and his team (special mention should be made of Andrés Soto, another equally indefatigable Sherry ambassador) are engaged in a constant struggle to elevate these stunning wines and brandies to the place where they belong on the shop shelves and dinner tables of Spain and the world.


Another reason to feel honored is the fact that our mutual trust and friendship with this house has reached the point where we have been reserved a spot there for a sort of private little altar of three butts exclusively used for decades for the noble purpose of ageing fino in a cellar in El Puerto de Santa María. We have filled them with the choicest brandies (previously aged for over ten years in American oak butts). As is the norm in Bodegas Rey Fernando de Castilla, all brandy soleras are aged at the same alcoholic degree they are going to be bottled later (in this case around 42% alc.), which guarantees the roundness and mellowness of this La Bota de Brandy nº 29 “envejecido en bota de fino”.

Only the finest wine spirits, slowly aged and mollified to a warm alcoholic degree in top-quality fino casks. No added sugars of any sort, not even through contact with the staves of butts that had previously contained pedro ximénez or sweet oloroso. This is a pure and straight product, authentic, as its natural golden colour proves.

It was our goal to blend complexity and finesse, elegance and depth—concepts which do not always walk hand in hand but which we always strive to find for the wines and brandies of Equipo Navazos. And we think we have succeeded to a large extent. This is, for our personal taste (which in this case is most obviously biased, right?), the most refined and distinguished Spanish brandy ever bottled. Most of the credit, though, should go to Jan and the Rey Fernando de Castilla team…

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