La Bota 6 de Palo Cortado “Bota Punta”

Saca of April 2007
21% alc.
Limited release: 300 bottles (37,5 cl.)
Bodega: M. Gil Luque, Jerez de la Frontera



Palo Cortado BOTA PUNTA, like other preceding sherries and montillas in this series, is a wine of extraordinary depth and complexity, of world class.

Its ultimate origin can be traced back to the wines that Fernando Carrasco Sagastizábal aged in his old cellars in the streets Rincón Malillo and Cordobeses. Those wines were consistently considered excellent by the small circle of true sherry connoisseurs. Those soleras were bought by the firm M. Gil Luque in 1995 and moved to the Viña El Telégrafo in the Pago Carrascal, very near Jerez, on the road to Lebrija, where they became the basis of the very old wines that the house of M. Gil Luque has been selling as its flagship line in the past decade or so.

BOTA PUNTA is an elegant and very old Palo Cortado, sourced from those famed scales, selected in situ in the Bodega de la Viña El Telégrafo, from the oldest Palo Cortado solera in the house of M. Gil Luque. This solera is made of seven butts, six of which constitute the solera proper, plus a “bota punta”—of superior age, depth, and balance. It is this seventh butt that has been chosen to be the source of this saca by EQUIPO NAVAZOS.

The sale of M. Gil Luque and its stocks to another firm in the Sherry area implied an imminent transfer of this solera to new ageing facilities—which indeed took place in June 2007. Anticipating this move and the inevitable blending required by it, EQUIPO NAVAZOS selected and released in April 2007 this sixth edition of “La Bota de”. The resulting little more than 300 half-bottles contain, therefore, an unrepeatable wine, although it is to be expected that the evolution of the butts in their new location will yield more treasures that may be the object of a future selection by Equipo Navazos.

This is the quintessential meditation wine, and respectful sipping at 16ºC will spark many questions about the generations of winemakers who have made such marvel possible.

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