Navazos OVNI 2011 and 2012


Equipo Navazos has released two vintages of OVNI: 2011, 2012

The pedro ximénez variety constitutes—together with moscatel and palomino fino—the trio of historic Andalusian varieties. Having reigned for centuries as the predominant one in the vineyards of the Montilla-Moriles region, its versatility allows the production of a great diversity of wines. An early harvest at 10/10.5% alc. stresses the green and fruit notes in the nose, as well as the wines’ acidity; this works as the basis for aromatic young whites—often combined with other varieties locally grouped under the generic term “vidueños” (verdejo and moscatel, among others). A later harvest at about 15% alc. is best suited for the production of traditional Montilla finos, which need no fortification because they can reach naturally the abv levels ideal for the biological ageing of wines under a layer of flor. An even later harvest, followed by traditional sundrying on the paseras, yields the sweetest musts used for the production of sweet PX wines, sometimes with as many as 500gr/lt of sugar concentration…

And yet, in fact, the pedro ximénez grape reaches exact ripening around 11.5-12.5% alc., where the balance between primary aromas, acidity, alcohol, and mineral structure proves best. When harvested at this point, pedro ximénez grapes grown on the best white soils of Moriles Altos and the Sierra de Montilla offer astonishing purity. It is precisely from those vineyards that we have sourced the grapes that go into OVNI. Natural fermentation with indigenous yeasts, and a brief settling period in concrete tanks under a thin layer of flor emphasize the chalky soils and squeeze all the terroir character that these wines can give.

OVNI has been conceived for casual and informal drinking, likely within a few years from vintage date, but we cannot altogether discard a balanced evolution into a more serious wine.

The rationale behind this new venture for Coalla Gourmet and Equipo Navazos is the idea of providing a new perspective on the authenticity of Andalusian wines. The magical chalky soils of central Andalusia do not only provide the raw materials for deep and complex olorosos, PXs, finos and amontillados—those terribly serious and impressive masterpieces of wine culture—but also fresh and casual wines like OVNI: a cheerful wine with neither artifice nor pretension, pure, authentic, and natural.


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