La Bota 64 de Brandy de Jerez “Bota NO”

Single Cask “Bota NO”
42% alc. – 70cl
Bottled in April-May 2016
Jerez de la Frontera
800 bottles


This brandy is born of the finest spirits or ‘holandas’ that were double-distilled in stills in the French style at 72% alc. Almost twenty years old, it has spent the first twelve in new Limousin oak butts and the remaining six or seven in dry oloroso butts. One of the latter has been selected and bottled by hand in its entirety.

La Bota de Brandy de Jerez 64 “Bota NO” is a refined and stylish spirit that displays its true Jerez character with remarkable elegance. Non chill-filtered, it has—like all other bottlings from Equipo Navazos—no added aromatics, sweeteners or colorants. In fact, it has no additives at all.

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