La Bota 63 de Oloroso “Bota NO”

Saca of January, 2016
Wine of Chiclana (Sherry Region)
22% alc. – 37,5cl
M. Aragón
Chiclana de la Frontera
900 bottles


This is an extremely old, powerful and superconcentrated wine that belongs to the same cathegory as the noblest and oldest reliquias and sacristías of the Sherry District, including our releases no. 5 “NPI”, no. 14 Oloroso, no. 47 Palo Cortado or no. 49 Amontillado, among others. Barely 900 units bottled from a combination of two half-emptied casks (one the number one or “bota punta”, and the other the number 5 in the row) selected from an ancient small solera of Oloroso very carefully looked after by Chano Aragón in his bodega located at Calle Olivo in downtown Chiclana.

The age of La Bota de Palo Cortado 63 “Bota NO” is extreme, surely close to 80 or 90 years old, one of those very dry and concentrated, highly acidic wines, with notable bitterness and remarkable dry extract, which sometimes is not precisely the cup of tea of certain wine lovers, while others simply love them. We are of course of  the latter, although we reckon this is not a wine to drink in a careless way but one to revere. Enjoy it as an awesome perfume as well as reflectively sip it with utmost temperance and, hopefully, immoderate delectation.

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