La Bota 46 de Oloroso “Montilla”

Saca of october 2013
20.5% alc. – 750ml
Limited release: 2600 bottles
Bodega: Pérez Barquero, Montilla


Until the bottling of this release number 46, our Olorosos have been extremely old and very scarce, bottled in halves and from Jerez de la Frontera. Those were the cases of La Bota de Oloroso #14 “Bota NO” and La Bota de Oloroso #28 “Bota Punta”. Now, we think it was about time to add to the collection a dry oloroso sherry that is just old and relatively affordable, belonging to a similar league as wines as La Bota de Palo Cortado #34 “Pata de Gallina” and La Bota de Amontillado #37.

So we have moved to Montilla, where Rafael Cordoba, co-owner of Pérez Barquero, has been controlling with exceptional care the vineyards and vintages for decades. He is a master in obtaining truly outstanding musts, both yema (first press) and color (second press). With these second press musts, locally called “vino de color”, the winemaker Juan Márquez produces their Olorosos. Very fragrant and strongly bodied wines, wines that very noticeably show the rotundity of the pedro ximénez grape.

La Bota de Oloroso #46 “Montilla” is a selection of casks from the Solera Diógenes, located in third row at the Bodega El Puente. This the same building where we found the cachón (small group of casks) from which we selected in 2006 the very old PX for our release number 3, La Bota de Pedro Ximénez “De Rojas” (and, a couple years later, also the edition no. 12 of the same wine). The estimated average age of this wine is close to 25 years.

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